Who we are

We are a highly experienced group of international management professionals with extensive experience across a wide range of industries in the area of Fortune 500 companies (focus pharma and chemical industry).

Our international consultants have lived and worked in more than 25 countries and are fluent in English, French, German and Dutch. We focus on Leadership Development (including Young Leadership Development Programmes in Europe and Africa) and Personal Coaching to develop current and future leaders and to enhance the development of your organisation.

We draw upon senior experts in Human Ressources, Academics, Marketing and Sales, Corporate Communications etc. We have access to a wide range of international consultants from relevant business areas (Human Ressources, Marketing/Sales, Coporate Communications, Training and Coaching as well as Academics) to guarantuee the success of your project .

Jeanne Anette

Jeanne A. Heinzer looks back to managerial career in sales, marketing and PR in six countries and six industries as well as for leading European Business School. After 13 years in the corporate world she founded HEINZER CONSULTING back in 2001 offering EXECUTIVE COACHING and TRAINING ON DIVERSITY AND INTERCULTURAL as well as on CAREER MANAGEMENT related issues.


Maureen Bridget Rabotin is an ICF-certified Global Executive Coach, Intercultural Training Consultant and Author of Culture Savvy – working and collaborating across the globe (ASTD 2011).


Fortune 500 Finance and Strategy executive with over 27 years global experience who lived on 5 continents and worked in over 120 countries. Aims to add value to the bottom line as well as in personal growth. Coaching and mentoring have been his passion since 1987.


Marianne Hayball is a multi-lingual senior human resources professional with extensive experience in recruitment and business partnering for Fortune 500 leading pharmaceutical companies as well as companies specialised in medical device as well as non-profits organisations.

Dr. Anja

Mrs. Eger is a German Marketing Professional and global entrepreneur with an outstanding academic background in cross cultural management.


Prior to establishing her own consultancy firm, Ms. Batcha worked as Executive Director of iHuman Resources, which specializes in crop management and processing. She has successfully designed and executed a number of large-scale transformational programs that impact the transformation of more than 65,000 lives.

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