How we work

To bring about the kind of changes that will help organisations and its international workforce develop and thrive in a highly challenging and competitive global environment. To cross cultural borders and be efficient as international managers we also focus on the development of leaders, especially with regard to emerging and developing markets such as South Africa or Morocco.

We analyse your current situation and challenge

We define your desired state and outcome

We define viable and cost-effective ways to close the gap in a SMART and shortest possible duration of your project

We put relevant teams together to support your solution and to intervene where needed

We do the job and lead your change efforts from behind, we design intervention maps and redefine goals

We develop modularized programmes with relevant leadership theory run by top speakers of the field

We reflect, do individual exercises and group discussions at all management levels

We provide coaching and learning between the modules

We thoroughly evaluate the effect and impact of our work and how to integrate it into your employees work environment

We challenge your thinking and check the effectiveness of your personal style

We leave you with a newly energised system, approach, energized individuals and teams that works

... and more !

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